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reminder for bisexuals


today is bi visibility day. as such, bisexual people will be completely visible for the next 24 hours. this is a bad day to engage in bank heists, ghost impersonations, covert operations for vague yet menacing government agencies, and other common bisexual hobbies that rely upon our powers of invisibility. 

reblog to save a life. 

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doodleloser replied to your photoset “I made a little room for my dog in my house because shes the best…”

This is the cutest shit ever

This is on your server - all I wanted was some acacia wood (not pictured), so I spent a while wandering around before deciding to pick a direction and go in it. 

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The Lovin' Spoonful
Do You Believe in Magic



At the VERY END OF MY PLAYLIST FOR CORGI I put one Very Special Song and was waiting for her to get to it so that I could laugh at her like the horrible person I am

and then 8tracks had a fit and DIDNT PLAY IT. 


Gets up

Walks away


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150 Plays
The Lovin' Spoonful
Do You Believe in Magic

At the VERY END OF MY PLAYLIST FOR CORGI I put one Very Special Song and was waiting for her to get to it so that I could laugh at her like the horrible person I am

and then 8tracks had a fit and DIDNT PLAY IT. 


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I made a little room for my dog in my house because shes the best minecraft friend I could have I love her and wanted her to have a place all on her own before I even finished putting the roof on my tower. 

Thats supposed to be a bone pattern on her carpet and she has a comfy bed/couch all on her own and a water bowl and place for her food and an extra leash hanging on the wall because of course I’m a responsible dog owner and would never take her out for walkiesh unleashed!!! Perish the thought! … right

and in the chest is extra food and leashes and a ball to chew on and sticks if we wanted to play fetch and some rawhides because they clearly haven’t been bleached like most rawhides have been!

I tried to use a steep trapdoor as a fake doggie door but unless I put a block on the outside I dont think I could get it to angle right, which was pretty disappointing. I put a window there instead and got over it though. 

basically I’m a huge nerd and I like my minecraft dog the end. 

Filed under minecraft im sorry also sorry my inventory is a mess that was originally a little storage room under my library but then i found wolves so i might see about making her an actual yard and have an overhang so I can use sticky pistons and make those actual workable doors just for h stick pistons are so dangerous when dogs are mobile though so dangerous i do wish i had a skeleton mob head thing to give her too

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Anonymous asked: Hey Noel? I allways reading yours and Corgi's blogs and I see a lot of Corgi being grateful for the the things you do for her: proofreading, art, song mixes. You don't post as much as she does so I was wondering: what are the things she does that make you happy to be in diamonds with her?

Corgi is an ever present fixture in my life and I am so in diamonds with her that I could be sick with it! I am eternally grateful to her for being in my life. She’s been a hugely positive influence and has taught me a lot about myself and being okay with being a gentler, less closed off person. (I’m a work in progress.)

Texting with corgi basically is a never ending conversation and she has been there for me through a lot of horrible times and has supported and loved me right on through it. I am so blessed to have her in my life. 

But! You want to know what some of the super sweet things she’s done for me are and I am ALL OVER BRAGGING ABOUT THAT even though that’s not the foundation of our diamonds. I don’t love her because of the things she does for me but these are things that she does because she loves me (and vice versa!)

She critiques my writing too! I dont write as often as she does and there is no one else in the world that I feel comfortable dumping my messy thoughts on. And I am at that stage of being a writer where I know what I SHOULD do to make it better but I dont have the willpower to actually do it. So I know exactly what I’m inflicting on her and God bless her, she reads it anyway and gives me thoughtful and encouraging comments without ever doing a single thing to make me feel like I’m an imposition on her. 

Actually, that’s a pretty common trend in our friendship. I have never, ever, ever felt like Corgi didn’t want me. I am terrible at basically everything technology related to be quite honest, and Corgi delights in tweaking and customizing and streamlining. I shamelessly use her as tech support and google because trying to deal with some troubleshooting issues myself would be the fastest way to legitimately frustrate me and I’ll just shut down and leave instead of deal with it. Corgi patiently and sweetly helps me through whatever problem I have, be it something serious or tiny and completely inconsequential. 

She lets me bitch about my problems (tech related or not) and doesn’t patronize me and I think that’s so very valuable. I appreciate with every fibre of my being that she is so patient and uplifting and welcoming of me. 

(Oops, I went back into emotional territory there, sorry.)

We do a lot of idea bouncing. She’s been listening to me chat about the conduit cats and has regularly been offering ideas and suggestions for things I can do with them. 

She helps me out with design nonsense! Sometimes I take a thing and hold it out in sad, sad hands and say “corgi look its so sad can you help me,” and she flexes her muscles and puffs out her chest and looks like the most american american that has ever americaned and says yes she can help me, and then does the design work for me so that it looks pretty. (When I did those five dollar doodles? I gave her the image of plain pencil sketches and the idea of what I wanted the text to say and she just made it so pretty!)

And in the theme of design work - She took my commission examples and put them onto very nice and attention grabbing images and it just looks so pretty nd professional I havent posted those yet but when I do ALL OF THE OOHING AND AHHING OVER WHAT SHE DID TO MAKE THEM LOOK MARKETABLE. 

I was super overloaded and stressed out when I was working on those too, and she just slid right into the metaphorical booth next to me to take them off of my plate so I could focus on other things. 

She does that, she’s thoughtful like that. I was having a horrible day, all full of tears and stress and crying and she bought The Last Of Us for me so that I could just turn my brain off and immerse myself in something else that was truly, truly wonderful. She sent me those so soft ponies because she knows that I love them. She sent me the netbook in that post too because she knows that a very wee little computer for convenience writing is something that I would have liked to have but wasn’t really putting it high on the priority list. 

She worked on streamlining Puzzle (the netbook) to be exactly what I need, to work seamlessly with me in the way that she knows I prefer to write. 

She sees a second hand book that makes her think of me, so she sends it to me. 

She remembers things that I think are silly but are also important to me, like symbols of courage and bravery and talks about them respectfully with me. 

She has never, ever made me feel stupid for not knowing the things that come as naturally to her as air. She replies to my texts at 3am - I usually hope that I dont wake her up but I enjoy it anyway. She doesn’t shame me for being happy about things that many people might think are inconsequential, or think less of me for being so delighted over them. She makes my entire life easier with her support and affection and I think its one of the worst things that the world has done, to tell us all the friendships are less important because my friendship with Corgi is one of the most precious things that I have and I am super grateful to her and in diamonds with her. 

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noel is the best moirail wtf


This nerd shows up out of nowhere with a bigass 8tracks mix that may as well be painted with rainbows and dripping sunshine and drops it in my lap like “I MADE YOU THIS TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER HERE TAKE IT” im gonna cry




(let me know if this is not what you wanted these are mostly energy but if you want less energy and more cheer I CAN DO THAT TOO I am just trying to send all of the good energy I have your way i know lyrics tend to be more important to you songwise and it takes me like ten listens before i finally hear anyone speaking pats your face i want you to feel better today)

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Look at my sweet little babbus I’m so proud of them for sticking around!! I’ve mentioned before how sad I was that two the young trees in my yard didn’t survive that ice, ice and more ice filled winter - and then how delighted I was when two new ones took root in my yard. 

I had to move the taller one when I first noticed them because sweetheart was just too close to the house. (As expected) it went into shock and lost all its leaves and I wasn’t 100% sure it would turn out okay. 

But look at those bright green leaves sweet little tree friend pulled through like a champ I’m so excited about these lil tree sprouts. I’m pretty chinhands about them.

I love my little sproutling friends look how happy and bright and cheery they are. 

Filed under makes weeping noises because of plants i just love the outdoors so much laughs i know its ridiculous but im SO WARMHEARTED AT THESE TREES wee baby trees I KNOW THIS IS RIDICULOUS OKAY I KNOW BUT I AM GENUINELY DELIGHTED AND HAPPY ABOUT IT SO I CHOOSE TO NOT CARE ALRIGHT